My name’s Anita Klich. I’m a 19-years-old journalism and media student at the University of Portsmouth.

All right, that’s the formal part. Does it tell anything about me? I wouldn’t say so. Therefore…

I’m a dedicated art lover. Although watching and approving is a beautiful experience, I’ve been painting, drawing and writing since I can only remember. Me and my friends shot one 15 minutes long film back in high school. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected I would, but it ignited in me a spark of interest in photography. Alongside with art, I love psychology and philosophy.

I can’t imagine my life without music. It happened to save my teenage life a few times. My music taste is a rollercoaster, which starts with aggressive industrial metal, calms down with rock and ends with the beauty of acoustic records.

I speak 3 languages: English, German and Polish. In the future, I would like to learn a bit of Swedish, French and Spanish.

I’m not a model (and I will never be – thanks to my height). However, I do like fashion. Even if I don’t rush to the nearest Topshop to buy all clothes from the new collection, I allow fashion to inspire me. That’s how I have my style, which is a combination of vintage, grunge and simply alternative fashion.

I love coffee, books and cats. No need to explain these ones.

I like to be perfectly organized. I’m fine even with a serious work overload as long as it fits my schedule and doesn’t make my room messy.

I consider myself as independent. I’ve been living on my own for over one year.

I’m fully tolerant. What I don’t tolerate is violence.

My last blog was Relish Your Life.

That’s me in less than 300 words. If you want to know more, just stay here. The blog will tell it all.


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